About Us

What is School Management System?

School Management Software is a paperless office automation solution for today’s modern schools. The School Management Software provides facility to carry out all day to day critical operations of the schools faster, easier, efficient and accurate. Highly laborious and time consuming tasks like admissions, fee management, timetable generation, payroll management, and accounting are carried out easily and accurately, saving a lot of time. It helps the staff to manage, analyze and generate reports of school information saving a lot of time, manpower and money. 

Why Iolite School Management System?

A School is an organization having large amount of data resources spread up in all directions in form of clerks, teachers, students, staff and so on and wants to provide best of the facilities to its students efficiently and in a best manner. Iolite – School Management System provides the best solutions for all the school needs. a company which has been doing software development jobs over a decade and satisfying the customers over the globe since long. Iolite School Management System is especially designed for the School people by our team to make functioning of school administration and management work of an institute effortless and easy which is carried out on a daily basis. School Management System is an easy and simple to use software that makes daily routine work hassle-free and accurate.

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Why School ERP System?

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The biggest question is why does school require an ERP?? They are not corporate which do require ERP for better management of the resources. The corporate are the Multi National Companies which have resources spread in multiple companies and so they require to effectively manage their resources effectively. So the question still remains unanswered why do we require a ERP for the school. The answer to this question is very simple – Like “Multi National Company” a school is also a organization which has lot of resources spread up in all direction – namely student, teachers, administrative staff, clerks, school premises. For an effective and proper management of the School management System of all this resources is highly important. For proper management of any institute it is very important to have a very well advance plan of – How to utilize the resources. The School Management System – ERP provides that platform which facilitates in effective management of the school. The central management of the school is very important as it removes the redundant tasks that are carried at the institution. The central data storage leads to easy access of data at all departments which removes the redundant administrative tasks of generating the data when ever required as the data is ready for use instead of building the data every time it is required.