Staff Details Management

Staff Details Management allows you to manage all the details of the staff like personal details, educational details, login details, salary structure and leaves granted. Facility to freeze/unfreeze staff members incase they leave the school. You can also change the salary or leave details of a particular staff.
 Existing   System  Iolite-School Management System
Lot of paper work, filing and storage required. Data is stored with the help of software and filed with easy in the computer database.
Manually procedure takes a good amount of manpower, it is uneconomical and inaccurate. The software makes it faster, reduces the time and manpower and creates economic and accurate.
Managing all staff members’ particular salary details and leaves details is a tough task. All staffs’ particular salary details and leaves details can be managed easily and quickly.

Features & Advantages of Staff Details Management System:

  • Manage all the details of the staff members along with their personal, login, educational details and other details.
  • Facility of bulk updation to change no of leaves for more than one staff person at a time saving time and effort.
  • Freeze/Unfreeze staff details incase of their leaving the school.
  • View Staff Details of the staff easily through view section.
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