Payroll System

Iolite – School Management System provides facility to manage the entire payroll of the school staff members with ease and accuracy. Linked with the staff attendance it allows accurate calculation of the staff salary pay with necessary deductions and increments.
 Existing   System  Iolite-School Management System
To reduce errors, the HR must check the payroll multiple times before issuing pay checks, which is time consuming. Software directly connects staff attendance and salary structure calculating payroll in seconds and saves lot of time.
Generation of salary slip has to be done manually one by one making it tedious. Direct generation of salary slip with automatic calculation and print facility.
Preparation of salary certificates and summary of salary reports is very time consuming done every month. Preparation of report and salary certificates is done by software saving lot of time.

Features and Advantages of Payroll System:

  • Different salary structures can be defined for staffs and teachers with various allowances and deductions
  • Monthly pay slips for staff and teachers can be generated and managed
  • Salary slip, salary statement and other financial reports can be generated and printed easily
  • Automate processing and calculation of staff’s salary which is integrated with leave application and attendance module with automatic counting of working days from staff attendance
  • It is capable of carrying out all kind of operations including calculating PFs, leave allowance, deductions and allowances mostly error-free
  • Facility to import and export payroll in the system easily using the import-export facility
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