Exam Scheduling Management

Exam Scheduling is a laborious and time consuming job and requires much planning. Also exam seating arrangement has to be made to along with invigilation(supervision) duties to be set during exam.
 Existing   System  Iolite-School Management System
Exam Scheduling requires a lot of time, effort and time. Software helps in scheduling exams and making seating arrangements effortlessly and easily
Allocating invigilation(supervision) and paper-reading duties requires much time, effort and planning. The software help in creating invigilation and paper reading duties easily.
Scheduling exam on paper and creating proper seating arrangement requires lot of man hours. Scheduling of exam here needs just few clicks and with cloning facility similar exam structure can be implemented in all the standards.

Features & Advantages of Exam Scheduling :

  • Create and manage the schedule of different types of exams for different standards.
  • Manage exam timings and define max marks and grade for different types of exams and define different subjects for different standards and allocate them.
  • Define different types of exams like first term, second term, annual etc.
  • It provides the clone system using which you can follow up/edit the already created examination schedule.
  • Manage exam timings and define max marks and grade for different types of exams and define exams for different subjects in different standards and allocate them.
  • Schedule exams for different standards by setting subjects exams along with their date and time.
  • Allocation of optional subjects/Examination to student/group of student.
  • Create proper seating arrangements for the students during the exams in different classrooms.
  • Set invigilation, paper-reading, and reliever duties as per the school needs.
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