Exam Result Management

Entering marks of students and creating a report card is a very tedious and time consuming job and waste much of a time of teacher. In this software you just need to enter marks of students and you can easily generate the report card along with grade calculation according to the exam marking scheme.
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Manual report card preparation requires all the teachers to enter marks of all students in the report card, carry out necessary calculation and allocate grades and ranks. You just need to enter the marks of the students and whole report card would be generated automatically with necessary calculations.
Creating report cards consumes lot of time and efforts of the teachers. The teachers just needs to give marks of the student to the data entry person.
Creation of result and filling up the report card again requires more effort and time. Report card generation is just clicks away and automated printing facility is available.
There are more chances of errors in calculation of total marks and thus needs to be verified again. No chances or error in calculation of total marks.
Separate list of passing and failing students has to be maintained. The software takes care of passing and promoting to next standard.

Features & Advantages of Exam Result Management :

  • This module allows you to generate result of students for different examination and different types of exams during the year as oral, practical, written, etc.
  • Manage the results of the school students and keep a record of results of the students throughout the year.
  • You can enter marks of the students and can automate the generation of the school report card.
  • Generate report card along with allocated grade, based on grade calculation easily.
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