Certificate Generation

Student Certificates and Staff Certificates
Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students and staffs easily and without any effort. Also a copy of the generated can be stored for future references and track record of the generated certificates can be kept.
Existing System Iolite – School Management System
Creating certificates manually takes a lot of efforts and attention of the office staff. Creating student & staff certificates is very easy with just one click.
Creating certificates manually takes a lot of time and accuracy and thus the person who requires the certificate has to wait. Accurate certificates can generated easily and without any delay.

Features and Advantages of Certificate Generation:

  • Generate certificates for school students and staff
  • Keep a record of generated certificates for future references
  • Facility to print the generated certificate on the spot
  • Following is a list of certificates which can be generated from the software
    • Bonafide Certificate
    • Migration Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate
    • Probation Extension
    • Offer of Appointment on Probation
    • Job Confirmation
Staff and Student Certificate Reports :

Staff Job Confirmation

Staff Offer of Appointment
on Probation

Staff Probation Extension

Student Migration Certificate


Student Bonafide
Certificate without Photo

Student Bonafide
Certificate with Photo

Student S.S.C and H.S.C.
Trail Certificate

Student School
Leaving Certificate

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