Transportation Management

Your Transportation Department’s Link To The Students Desks Using Iolite Web-Based Service To Share Information Via Your School Website For School Bus Transportation Services Its Routes And Stops. Iolite Enables Your School To :
  • Easily upload data all route and transportation information through an easy-to-use iolite transport bus route management module
  • Seamlessly integrate transportation information and notification capability into your school website;
  • Allow parents and guardians the ability to view their address and bus route on a map as well as a listing of bus stops that serve them;
  • Reduce calls and complaints to your transportation department
  • Instantly inform parents and guardians with email notifications with management notification system, parents can register to receive important notices related to schedule, stop or vehicle changes and find their child’s designated bus stop;
  • Locate which school their child would attend if they are planning to move
  • Visualize the route their child’s bus will be taking to and from school
  • Centralize and maintain consistency in transportation information significantly reduce phone inquiries and complaints.
  • You are in control transport management system it is fully configurable from your desktop. You decide if you want to show stop times, bus routes, bus names, am/pm trips…it is in your control. Only your district maps, schools, routes and stops are uploaded to our servers.

It allows you to manage the transport system and transport routes of your school vehicles.

  • Manage entire transport system of the school.
  • Manage route and route stop.
  • Integrated with Google Maps to easily define bus routes.
  • Route and stop allocation to students, staff and teachers.
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