Accounts Management

The Account module is an integrated package allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with fee module, salary of staff and other expenses; this module automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate account heads.
This module enables effective management of complete account of school. All types of vouchers can be entered from single voucher entry screen.

Using this, we can create all types of accounting transactions and vouchers. It automatically prepares all accounting books like Trial Balance, Cash Book, Day Book, Income and Expenditure, and Balance Sheet.

Account module is interconnected with payroll system and fees management.

 Existing   System  Iolite-School Management System
Manually, the clerk have to maintain records in accounting software or Excel. No need to use separate accounting software, this module provides all the facilities of accounting process at one place.
It reduces speed, increases effort of accountants, relatively slower internal control reporting. It increases speed, make tasks effortless and faster.
A separate Accounting Software or manual booking keeping is required. The software has a accounting section for maintaining account and fees management is integrated with account.
Manual process is too slow, time consuming and reporting is cumbersome. The reports are generated quickly.
Iolite School Management Software is integrated with Financial Accounting as per International Accounting Standards and Law of Land Like The Companies Act The Income Tax Act and ICAI Accounting Standards and Guidance Notes,

Following are the Basic Modules of Accounting included in the Iolite School Management Software

Complete Fees management like Tution fees, Transport fees, Computer fees, Other Activities fees Exam fees Transport fees, Food and Hostel fees for Day Boarding School etc. It Keeps History of individual students fees as well as Group fees under specific head and reports for a period can be take with just clicks, You can generate reports of due fees and received fees with list of individual students…

Easy to account receipts payments purchase and sales entrys with direct menu to do data entry for the same. You can directly enter Purchase / Sales of Books Stationery and Fixed assets. Accounting module also incorporated Fixed Assets Management System.

We easy to enter all financial transactions for cash and bank with purchase and sales you can generate Income and Expenses Statement Consolidated for Since School Multiple School and Trust or the Body which owns or governs the various schools as a whole in a consolidated format

Accounting system is Based on the Groups of Income and Expenditure Head Like Direct Fee Income, Indirect Fee Income Other Fees Income Miscellanous Income etc. Similarly Expenditures can be Grouped under Head Like Adminstrative Expenses, Teachers Salary, Staff Salary, Deprecitation, Office and Miscellanous Expenses

Balance Sheet Ledgers are also Grouped as per the Income Tax and Companies or Co-operative or Trust Act for Capital & Core Corpus Group with Reserve Fund, Secured and Unsecured Loans Sundry Creditors Loans, Liabilites & Provisons Fixed Assets, Investments, Current Assets & Miscellanous Exps and Pre Operative Exps.

It allows you to completely wrap up the complete accounts department under one module.
  • Keep all the accounts related information under one single module.
  • Keep a record of the funds flowing in and going out from the school accounts.
  • It allows you to create vouchers, daybook, cashbook, journal, profit & loss accounts, balance sheet and much more.
  • It eliminates the need of accounting software for your school needs and works very efficiently and error freely.

Features & Advantages of Accounts Management System:

  • Account Head Creation.
  • Allows to create groups and ledgers.
  • All types of transactions like Receipt, Payment, Sales, Purchase, Contra, Journal can be done.
  • Sales Return Entry and Listing
  • Reports of Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Trial Balance and Ledger Details.
  • Unit of measurement can be entered for defining specific stock item.
  • Stock items and stock groups can be added.
Financial Accounting Diagrams Chart for School :
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